Frequently Asked Questions


We are a decorated cookie company that takes pride in its creative designs and great tasting cookies. We combine different doughs, size and shape of cutters, and packaging to meet almost all needs.

  • Most of our cookies are made from butter cookie dough based off our founder's grandmother's recipe. Not real complicated. Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla. All natural
  • We also make gingerbread cookies, normally from October through March. Lots of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. All natural
  • We've also done a yellow version of the butter dough for smiley face cookies. All natural except for the food coloring
  • We created a spicy chocolate dough for a chocolate company. All natural

Our cookies are decorated with a royal icing made with just 4 ingredients: powdered sugar, meringue powder, Karol syrup and water, plus the appropriate food coloring. We mix it just right so that the icing is firm enough to ship, but is very easy to bite into.

Size and shape

We primarily sell 3 sizes of cookies, hand cut from over 800 individual cutters and growing:

  • "Regular" that weigh approximately 2 ounces
  • "Small" that weigh around 1-1.5 ounces
  • "Bites" that weigh about 1/3 of an ounce

We've also done larger cookies for special occasions as well


While we have standard packaging for regular and small cookies, we have many options for larger customers looking to be a bit more creative:

  • Individual or multi-cookie bags tied with nylon tulle
  • Pillow containers with multiple cookies, generally a Regular cookie plus 3 bites
  • Gift boxes and tins, generally with bite sized cookies
  • Bulk, which are generally our regular sized cookies

Unless you are a repacker, large catalog operation or large multi-store chain, you are likely to want to stay with our regular sized cookies


Yes. We do not use any ingredients that contain nuts or peanuts in any products we sell, and we do not allow nuts or peanuts in our facility. Are products are already tested by families faced with this challenge. We are recommended by several Nut and Peanut free sites, including


We are certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Click here to see our current certification.


Absolutely! Our customers have two choices:

  • Single UPC for all designs to ensure pricing accuracy(all of our regular cookies have the same price)
  • Individual UPC's for each design to support sell through reporting and order planning


Our experience is that stores that keep a varying stock year-round perform much better during the holidays due to the loyal following they have created. We have found it very normal to receive rush orders when a customer buys all of the stock for a party. We suggest that you maintain a mix of:

  • Everyday cookies like the dalamatian and VW Love Bug
  • Cookies for special occasions such as birthday and babies
  • Seasonal and Holiday cookies

Many stores leave it up to us. Your choice.


The fastest way is to call or email us and just tell us the group, such as Every Day, and quantity you would like and we will send you our best sellers. You can also ask for specific best sellers in your store or tell us exactly designs you'd like.

We are in the process of redoing our website and will be adding web ordering in. In fact, you are already looking at the first release, which if very mobile friendly. We already provide access to your complete order history as well as our full catalog.


Whatever you need! We do not have minimums, or maximums, pre-set mixed cases, or other limitations. We recommend cases of 72, but you can order what you need.


For case or multi-case orders, we try to ship all orders within 2 weeks. We do try to anticipate orders with inventory, and can often ship same day if you are OK with what we have available. If you are ordering in pallets, we ask for 4 weeks lead time. We are often able to turn around these orders faster.


We do not charge for cases of 72 cookies shipped standard ground. For pallets, this is negotiated as part of the overall item price discussion, since our larger customers generally receive better pricing then we do on freight.

Orange cookie in clear bag tied with orange tulle

We recommend that you carry our regular sized butter cookies that are individually wrapped and tied with Nylon tulle. The attractive packaging makes them easy to grab and give, tying to a present, placing on a place setting, or just putting in a basket as a take-away or afternoon treat.

Since these have been packaged in our Nut and Peanut free facility, they are safe for those with these allergies.

Sample Grocery Display

Local or regional grocery stores have carried the same line of cookies as specialty food stores. Our regular cookies attractively packaged in individual servings. In most situations, such stores already carry one or two other brands including some in house designs. Our experience is that stocking our cookies year round, right next to your others will create a whole new group of dedicated customers.

This display, mixed in with their own and one other brand, sells over $7,000/year retail at each of five stores of a local grocery company. Our cookies are in the 12"x18" basket on the right, delivering over $4600 annually per store per square foot at a gross margin of 41%.

How many other products do you have that deliver this level of performance?

We've recently released a line of bulk cookies sold by the pallet for larger grocery store chains targets a lower price point, while giving up the Kosher and Nut and Peanut Free claims. The minimum order is 1 pallet with a minimum of 30 mixed cases of 72.


We have a long history being a top sell through at catalogs. Catalogs prefer gift boxes or tins that are easy to ship. We will work with you to create a unique gift box at the price point you need. Look at About OMG to see more of our history and some of the catalogs we've worked with.


OMG is annually certified by AIB.


Our individually bagged cookies have a shelf-life of six months, even though we use no preservatives. We use a more expensive bag with a barrier and are looking at adding a nitrogen wash to further extend shelf life. This should only be important for catalogs and other repackers. Retailers should have 100% sell through in 3-4 weeks.

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