About OMG

O'My Goodness! is a female owned and operated LLC incorporated in 1992 under the name ABBCH Ousterhout, Ltd. We make hand decorated butter and ginger bread cookies, focusing on the specialty food and grocery markets along with with the mail-order businesses that serve the same high end market segment. We do not have any minimum's and can handle small orders as well as pallets. We support all types of businesses, from small specialty food stores, to local grocery chains, to larger national brands and department stores. Our creativity makes us a favorite with catalogs and specialty gift basket companies.

Our History

We have built our business slowly over 28 years by focusing on those companies that service foodies. By taking a conservative approach to growth, we have been able to deliver the highest level of both service and product, resulting in long term relationships with both retailers and their customers.


  • 1st Order

    Cindy was, and is still, known for the breadth and depth of Christmas Cookies she makes. A good friend call and ask if she could pay Cindy for some cookies for a party.

    Thanks, Stacy!

  • And the calls started

    She started getting calls from others who attended the party, so she started baking more evenings after she put the children to bed. At this point, only 2, the oldest being 3.

  • Our private stash

    We needed some cookies for ourselves. 11 varieties. Probably around 600 or so cookies. Cindy tracks what she bakes every year. These probably are also what she baked for our customers.

    1990 Christmas Cookie List


  • It became a business

    So she talked with Dons, a local grocery store, and they said yes. She talked to Amidei Mercatino, the local fresh market, and they said yes. So, we made a brochure.

    1st Brochure 1991
  • Tested the model

    We spent the rest of the year, going to local boutiques and markets. Since everything had to be fresh, the baking was all done at night.

    Cindy decided she wanted to learn how to use a pastry bag and took a decorating class.

    Oh, we also had our 3rd and last child, if dogs aren't counted.


  • 1st Decorated Cookie

    1st Decorated Cookie
  • Updated our brochure

    1st Brochure 1991
  • Graduation!

    1st Brochure 1991
  • Cookie Cutters

    We realized we were going to need individual cookie cutters for all the designs Cindy was thinking of. We were very fortunate that a neighbor and good friend was also a craftsman / artist. He started making cutters for us, and still does.

    Thank you, Bart!

  • 1st Department Store

    The husband of the same friend took one look at this first design and suggested Cindy contact Neiman Marcus. She did. We shipped our first order for Father's day. They are still a customer today.

    Thank you, David

  • Employees!

    We could see that we would not be able to handle the production ourselves. A woman who did house cleaning for a friend had interest and become our first employee.

    This meant that we needed to incorporate, get a FEIN and State tax IDs. We choose the name of O'My Goodness since this was what everyone seemed to say when they saw Cindy's creations.

    By the end of the year we had a few employees working out of our house. We mixed dough using a standard KitchenAid, and baked them in our kitchen oven.

  • Employment Model

    We realized that there was an entire workforce of mothers who needed flexibility of hours to enable them to work around school hours, teacher conferences, and sick children and husbands. We designed our entire employeement model to enable us to meet the needs of this segment.

    As a result, we've been very fortunate to have had a very stable, dedicated, and skilled workforce. Our average tenure still is over 10 years. We are often the first employer. One of our first employees, who joined us in 1992 just retired in 2017.

    Thank you, Rosie and all of our dedicated hard working-employees!

  • 1st Specialty Food Stores

    We quickly added two specialty food stores to our customer list. Both Foodstuffs and Hayday Markets (now Balducci's) are still with us today.


  • Neiman Marcus Catalog
    Mother's day

    1993 Neiman Marus Mothers Day Catalog
  • Out grew our mixer and ovens

    We could no longer back cookies fast enough using a 3-quart KitchenAid and our single oven. We researched available kitchens for rent but realized that we would have to spend hours each day cleaning up before we even started to work. We stumbled onto a Church that was willing to sell their 20-quart mixer. We then went to our local bakery and asked if they would bake our cookies if we brought them the dough and cutters.

    Each afternoon, we made dough and delivered it with the cutters and a bake list. Next morning, around 8 AM, we'd pick up the baked cookies.

  • Out grew our living room

    At this point, we were setting up tables in our living room and using our dining room table for our 5 plus employees. Our house had just a few more square feet then our first leased space would have. Cindy was so successful selling that we had to keep adding employees.

    So, we partially finished our basement, and moved the operation down there. We of course did the work ourselves.

  • When in doubt, throw it out

    At some point, we had employees ask us if this cookie was baked enough or too much, or if the design was correct. Since we had such a good work force, we decided to set a very high bar for quality. Each employee was and still is empowered to throw out an item if it does not meet their standards. No questions asked.

    This basic philosophy of quality and employee empowerment is the cornerstone around everything we do.

  • Neiman Marcus Catalog

    And we are still in it today!

    1995 Horchow Christmas Catalog


  • First lease

    We had outgrown our basement. We found a potential lease just 1 mile from our house, and we asked the County health inspector to do a pre-inspection to let us know what we would need to build out. This was a first for them. After providing great advice, he asked if he should visit the current "facility" or just wait six months and come back to this location. We both decided there was no need to visit the current "bakery".

  • More A+ Retailers

    + Bittersweet
    + Miss Grace Lemon Cake
    + Nordstrom
    + Sutton Place Gourmet


  • QVC for Easter!

    For years, we knew when we were on a re-run. Our telephone lights lite up like a Christmas tree!

  • More A+ Retailers

    + Dean & Deluca
    + Mountain Man Fruit and Nut
    + Nordstrom
    + Quarton Market
    +Saks Fifth Avenue
    + West Point Market

  • Horchow Catalog

    1995 Horchow Christmas Catalog
  • Simplified Pricing

    We start to realize that if we try to individually price each cookie, we are going to make it real difficult for both our retailers and customers to decide what to buy and to properly price.

    One Price -- we decide to design all cookies to be similar size, level of complexity to design and price.


  • No more room!

    Shouldn't be a surprise, but we outgrew our space. Luckily, the landlord had a bigger space!

  • Color Pictures

    We started mailing out color pictures for each season's cookies

    Black and White no longer works
  • UPC Codes

    One of our retailers asked us to add UPC codes to our packaging to support scanning. So, we renumbered the 800 or so designs that we had only to find out that all they wanted was a single UPC code to ensure accuracy of scanning. So unless you are looking to improve buying through detailed item purchase analysis, you can still just track a single UPC in your system. But if you'd like individual UPC's we can tag them and include your price.


  • Cover, Celebration Fantastic!

    Start of a long relationship

    Cover of Celebration Fantistic Valenties Day 1997
  • Local Cable TV!

  • www.omygoodness.com

    We publish our first website, working to replace the brochures we were producing.


  • Cover, Harry and David!

    Cover of Harry and David, 2001
  • National TV!


  • Created Bulk Cookie line

    Corner Bakery was looking to improve the quality of the cookies they offered.


  • Cheryl's Cookies

    Cheryl used to work with Cindy back at JH Collectables in NYC while she was building her very successful cookie company. Their paths crossed again.


  • United Supermarket

    We close our first large regional specialty grocery store chain

  • The Fresh Market

    We close our second large regional specialty grocery store chain



    Implemented our first HACCP plan


  • GMP

    Started working with AIB to become GMP certified


  • AIB Audit

    Failed, but resolved all Unsatisfactory and Serious except lack of metal detector while the inspector was onsite

  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector in place and all products scanned before sending


  • Certified by AIB

    AIB Certification 2018

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