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Our customers just love our cookies. So much so that they can't help but call, email and write to us to share their experiences.

Ann A good friend attended a wedding shower in Chicago this weekend and they gave some of your cookies as a favor. Since my grand daughter has a severe peanut allergy, she brought back 2 cookies for her here in Dayton, Ohio, since it is rare that she can have any "mass made" confections. THANK YOU THANK YOU for operating in a peanut free enironment. We will certainly be using your goodies for our special functions.
Noel I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your cookies. I'm sure many of us have tasted the "other" novelty cookies available out there. Cute but like eating cardboard. On the other hand, YOUR butter cookies and icing are delectable. When I first bought your cookies, I tied them to the bows of holiday gourmet food baskets made out of sleds. The Santa Claus faces were adorable with them. Once I actually tasted your cookies, I told everyone to be sure and try them. They are not only in adorable shapes, but they are sturdy, fresh, delicious and make great gifts, etc. Your customer service is like none other - friendly, courteous, helpful and you produce a quality product and on a very timely basis. It's my pleasure to do business with you.....
Michele J. Recently attended opening gala for new [Clothing] store in the area. I am the [Clothing Store's] Inventory Control Manager and enjoy visiting new stores. During the gala, store management presented Mens tie cookies to customers. I was lucky enough to receive one. The cookie has to be the best I have ever had. You have nailed it! The cookie was almost too beautiful to eat, but eat I did. I will have to order some to use at our next Departmental function. Great job!
Cathy B.

Just a note to say you're cookies are the BEST!!! I've been buying them from a local gourmet shop for a couple of years and recently saw a segment on you on the Food Network. The segment was wonderful and made me want to taste your great cookies again soon. Today I was passing by the shop...Hay Day...that I normally get them and my car just swerved into the parking lot. I bought only a couple, since I am trying to control my cholesterol and sorry, but your cookies are not on my diet...but it's Friday, I had a rough week, so I said "what the hay". One never made it home with me and I savored the other one this afternoon. Guess this means no dinner to compensate. Oh well, it's worth it.

They are perfection in everyway, but I am amazed by your icing....yummmmm. And as a graphic designer, I must say your shapes and colors are perfect. I commend you, keep up the excellent work and now that I know your website...."oh my goodness"!!!!!

Suzzane P. I am the market manager for [XYZ Company] and I was with the [ABC team] last week in NY. The cookies you made for them were really great, and also tasted wonderful!
Kym K. I want to let you know that I received your adorable princess cookies!! Not only are the beautiful they're very yummy too. Thank you for the suggestion, they fit the party theme perfect! Also, thank you for getting them to me in a safe and timely matter. I look forward to ordering more of your cookies in the future.
Michelle A.

A couple of days ago, my sister called me on the phone crying. I got scared and feared that something was terribly wrong. When I urgently asked her what had happened, she was able to sputter out, "I got your beautiful cookies!!!!!" She said that she had had by far her worst day since giving birth to her second daughter last month and was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. The 6 cookies I sent her could not have possible arrived at a better time.

They made her feel special, loved and understood. She said that they were absolutely beautiful and that she almost hated the thought of eating them. She has since told me that they were delicious !!!!

Thank you so much for helping to make my sister happy. The order I placed was filled promptly (I ordered them last Monday and she had them on Thursday). I will recommend you to everyone I know, and will most definately be calling you again !!!!



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